We generate perpetual cash flow from properties

Maximum Market Rental Efficiency

We are all in this together. Tenant landlord relationship's: we can do better. We act diligently to generate the best return on rental properties for all parties. We do this by providing a safe and clean home to the tenant, with a competitive rental price. We advertise exactly what to expect and expediently find the best fit, most qualified tenant for the landlord because consistency is essential.

Complaining is not a strategy when it comes to an underused, undervalued vacant property. Experience informed fortitude is required to make the correctly timed choices. Landlords can be assured that their property will be evaluated, advertised, marketed, and rented within 2-3 weeks from advertising. Trust is wealth.

From tenant finding services, to additions and remodeling, our team can do it all in house. We oversee all functions in residential and commercial real estate: valuation, purchasing, selling, buying, leasing, advertising, accounting, insurance claims, dispute resolution, project management, subcontracting, pulling permits, contingencies, coordinating with multiple contractors and city officials to meet deadlines. Allow us to lease your income property and generate consistent income for you in record time.


Wilson Tai

State of California Department of Real Estate DRE License #01842565

Wilson has been practicing real estate as an independent real estate broker for over a decade. He's fulfilled the needs of dozens of investment property owner's and qualified hundreds of tenant's, filling vacancies and ensuring seamless transitions between tenancies. In special case instances, Wilson has mentored landlord's to become their own superhosts on Airbnb.

Wilson is one for all with his fellow citizens. He's quick to tell owner's what they need to hear, not what they want to hear - straightforwardness is a cultural principal his mother raised him with. He'd rather die than not say something. Wilson is also one to inform tenants on how to increase their credit scores and how to spot the pitfalls in the consumer market such as unnecessary application fees and hard credit inquiries.

Wilson is an Oakland-born SF Bay Area native, UC Santa Cruz graduate, furniture designer, published author and photographer, an American citizen, son of immigrants, a brother, a father, and lives to make our world a better place.

What We Do To Make the World a Better Place

Volunteering & Causes

We care deeply about the mission's of non-profit organizations and on a pro-bono basis, contribute time and energy towards their benefit. Volunteer work is equally as valuable as paid work experience because one gain's multifaceted experience across many professional industries - the talent and thought leadership are world class.


Social Impact

It’s not just about the money; Metrotuned gives back, empowering community for an equitable economy. Wealth is best enjoyed when shared and partners with Oakland Digital and it’s social impact platform, BRIDGEGOOD, providing its thousands of young Creatives paid projects opportunites.


Leadership in Governance

Serving as a board executive, we established partnerships with the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, San Francisco Asian Art Museum, and Oakland Digital. We led board committees for city government, real estate, and special project management while working with marketing staff to elevate our organization's presence and exposure to local community.


Volunteering with Purpose

We are proud to serve as an Inspiration Awards Committee Member: 2011-2014, and Gifting and Fundraising Patron: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

Return on Your Investment

Invest in Value

A la carte services for your needs

Starter services include tenant finding and creating executable lease agreement's. For clients who live out of town, our popular full-service leasing handles all issues and ensures consistent uninterrupted tenancy: tenant replacement, maintenance, annual inspections, market valuation. A la carte pricing is fixed rate, ranging from $250.00 one-time fee for a CAR form Broker review to one month's rent for full-service tenant move-in to 7% monthly leasing fee for continuous management. We can advise you on the best value choice for your rental with the highest return on investment.

Project Portfolio

Latest Projects

Rental management is fun. Upgrading properties to a higher level is more fun. Who doesn't find satisfaction in the best a property can be? Takeaway: Highest and best use equals maximum returns and satisfaction.


Supercharger Tesla EV Ready

Commercial 200A Electrical Panel NEMA Replacement: Sub-contracted electrician with EV background to replace 50 year old electrical panel and upgrade from 100A to 200A power, pulled permits with City of Concord for electrical work, coordinated with city staff and PG&E for project completion. The future is now, building tenant's demand ready for electric vehicles and upgrade allows multiple EV and fast charging. Plenty of capacity for future upgrades such as laundry, kitchen, work/live requirements for commercial CNC machining, coffee roasting.

Painting a 1903 Piedmont Victorian

Year 1903 antique Piedmont Victorian paint project started small with replacing a section of wood rot on the upper floor. The framing uses 2x4s that measure an actual 2" x 4" using Oakland Hills giant redwoods - great foundation. Our sub-contractor ambitiously estimated one month, which turned into three months. It's not just any painter that can handle sanding and filling wood siding. Carpentry restoration requires patience. Not the BEST person for the job, but the RIGHT person for the job. Bonus: Dero Bike rack installed in the rear courtyard encourages tenants to ride bikes for an active lifestyle. Re-roof and city-mandated earthquake retrofit projects in motion for 2020 & 2021.

Tenant Improvements

Created the Scope of Work requirements for fire and city permitting tenant improvements on a 10,000 sq ft CMX commercial mixed use property. Sub-contracted design architect to create proposal floorplan. Saved the owner $4,000+ by doing it in house versus hiring a third party consultant engineer to create the proposal deck.

Warehouse Bathroom

Budget-minded bathroom addition with limited resources and infrastructure. This commercial warehouse had a toilet water closet, nothing else. Copper water supply lines replaced the old PVC piping. Creative came up with an antique ebony vanity, marble countertop, stone vessel sink, vent pipe for flushing, a hose bib and drain access for option of laundry washer/dryer and hosing down the concrete floors, electrical sub-panel to handle uprated wattage of the instant hot water heater mounted inside vanity. Washing hands with hot water in the winter now sublime.
project-image /

Commercial: Drainage & Asphalt

Three-month drainage project spanning July to October. Planned timeline to encompass multiple parties and tenants. Strategized with Civil Engineering, City of Concord. Authored owner proposal deck and secured Building & Encroachment permitting. Negotiated budget, directed contractor's in 1) drainage for floodwater mitigation, 233 linear feet of surface drainage, installation of Zoeller high flow sump pumps, gravity overflow to street, collection of rooftop downspouts 2) parking lot asphalt, designing reserved numbering parking spaces, and curb property lines.
Peace of Mind

Our Services

Duties and responsibilities as your leasing agent


Determining the market price for your rental, the asking rent, the amount of security deposit, using metrics such as local market conditions, comparables, economic trends and city-specific rent control.

Cash Flow

The reputation of Metrotuned real estate services is built on seamless transitions; a tenant's career move or personal relationship can affect a lease. Move's happen, life happens. One missed month of rent can hurt a landlord's livlihood. Depend on our experience to immediately transition tenancy and maintain cash flow.

Rental Management

Listing real estate for rent or lease; marketing the property to locate prospective tenants; selling, buying or exchanging existing leasehold interests in real estate; managing income-producing properties; collecting rents from tenants. The confidence from experience as to when to say "no."

Tenant Finder

For owner's who are near and can manage their own properties, tenant finder service is the best value. We find responsible, qualified tenants and lock in accounting and lease agreements so the tenancy is sound and both tenant and landlord-owner are protected over the tenancy period and beyond.

Expedited Priority

Time is money. One of the first thing's we learned in rental management is how much turnaround matters. One missed month wipes out any substantial increase in rent. One month can alarmingly become one year. We've seen it, that's not how we roll - we're here for you.

Advertising & Photography

Photos of unit, drawing floorplans, we shape expectations and inform the tenant. When tenant's see our properties, they tell us our unit's are exactly as described, meeting all expectations - essential key to success right there.


Customer Feedback

Property management is not about percentages or technology, but about people’s livelihood and well-being - we're talking about people's homes. We offer the balance of technological knowledge and personable attentive service, rich in personal experience from both renting and owning. Relationship's and shelter - priority one's.